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Who am I? I’m not a guru. I’m no teacher. I don’t have science degrees falling from my pockets, nor am I weighed down by the yoke of academia. Nope. None of those things. I’m a wife, mom, stepmom, sister, daughter, friend, bestselling author and an avid reader.

You know those women who have life figured out, who walk into a room with a commanding stare and a steely look of confidence that lets you know they’re going to get shit done? Well, if you look behind her, you’ll see me, often trying to find the exit and ending up in a cupboard.

Born and raised in London, I now live on a farm in the middle of nowhere – go figure! I spend my days writing novels in my pyjamas and panicking about letting the real-world in. My blood type is Americano with an extra shot. I’m passionate about ageing naturally and I love dogs and cows. Cats are good too.

I’m a writer, a reader, a failed dieter, a wannabe health freak, a cogitator, a castigator, a dreamer. I live with a glass that’s either half full or so freakin’ empty I’m tempted to smash it on the kitchen floor and kick a wall!

My podcasts and newsletters will be about good habits, bad habits, observations, lessons learned; about my lived experience and how to get through the trials of life. I’ll be talking about ageing, mental health, rural life, writing and how to get through the day? Interested? Then welcome aboard!

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The trials and tribulations of ageing, parenting & writing. Trying to figure out life, one sticky page at a time...


Amanda Prowse

Best selling author. Worried mother. Ageing gratefully. Trying to figure out life one coffee at a time...